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Lustery is a creator-centred platform focused on providing a sex-celebrating and shame-free space for couples to share their love and lust with the world. The home of real-life partners filming their sex lives behind closed doors, Lustery allows these lovers to open those doors to a like-minded community of people who value real intimacy and emotion in porn. Lustery offers a dedicated platform in which couples can share their most intimate and romantic moments, along with their kinks and turn-ons, without shame or prejudice. At Lustery you can experience a curated collection of unique connections and authentic pleasure, straight from the bedrooms of real couples around the world.

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Porn made by women, putting women's pleasure first. Ersties is a leading amateur porn studio including: masturbation solos, girl-on-girls, feature-length fantasies, unique live playdates and erotic stills that all celebrate female sexuality. For over a decade, our community of pleasure-lovers has grown to include thousands of videos and viewers from across the world. All Ersties content is ethically-made and built around empowering women to embrace their sexuality without judgement. Reinventing adult films through the female gaze, we create scenes based on what a performer genuinely enjoys. No fake orgasms, no scenarios that aren’t on her own terms.

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HardWerk is a motion picture and film company that creates cinematic hardcore porn. And it’s about more than simply producing films of high production value and aesthetic integrity – our aim is to do so without compromising their rawness and explicitness and to bring adults together to celebrate their sexuality and explore their kinks without shame. We reclaim the gangbang as a consensual, sexually empowering practice, placing the spotlight on a dynamic that reveres orgiastic fantasies. All HardWerk concepts and scenarios are tailored and conceived centering the performers preferences and fantasies.

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